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Hey! I just wanted to thank you guys for a terrific job! Eric and Mike were fantastic!! It was POURING down rain, but that didn't stop them! Not only did they do a great, fast job, but they did it with a smile. I will definitely be calling you guys again!

It always feels good when a person realizes that he or she has made the right decision...

It always feels good when a person realizes that he or she has made the right decision -- that is exactly how I feel sitting here in Florida knowing that I picked the right carrier to move our furniture and my wife's clothing to our new home. You also moved my clothing but that only took two cases. I believe we had 72 cases plus the furniture. Your crew loading everything and unloading at our home were simply fantastic -- especially here in Florida. They did such a great job I was begging them to stay and help me unpack those cases and I went so far as trying to bribe them to stay on for two more days!

It was a very stressful time for us but your crew just lit up the atmosphere of our home and, as the case count continued to rise, they just got funnier and more helpful especially your driver of 29 years. I am so bad with remembering names but he was great and I deeply appreciated his help and his advice as to where we should put certain pieces of furniture. I am so pleased to report that not one item was broken: glass, crystal, table tops, everything shipped was received in perfect condition and very happy to report that we have unpacked every case. Please tell my new found friend, your man of 29 years, that we have unpacked everything. I think he had doubts that we could do it but we truly enjoyed the great service provided by your Company as Rick had promised when we met him at our Cranston home. I want to wish all of you including my pal who would not or could not stay on despite all of the perks I was willing to give him! A very Merry Christmas. A happy Hanukka. And most important may all of you and your families be blessed with good health and happiness in the coming new year. Thank you again for such an outstanding job.

(PS, if we move back to R.I. can you guess what carrier I would sign on with. Duh!!! A good question for a game show... Take care and stay well Ya'all!)

I highly recommend All My Sons for anyone planning a move...

I highly recommend All My Sons for anyone planning a move, be it across town or, as we did, another state. DH and I received quotes from three different companies. By far, the presentation made by the All My Sons estimator was the most professional presentation we had ever seen. It was exceptionally thorough, well documented and included customer references. One thing that I found very compelling was that their moving crews are full-time employees of the company, not day laborers picked up a job here and there, and I would have the same crew doing my loading and my unloading.

The price quote, which was a "not-to-exceed" number, unlike most companies, was 27% - 40% LESS than the others. At first, I thought it might be too good to be true. But we checked out their references, reviewed their documentation, and verified them with the Better Business Bureau (where they received an A+ rating). So we selected them. I am happy to say the moving crew was as professional and thorough as the estimator. They took good care of my things and were very efficient with their time.

I would absolutely use them again.

I really felt comfortable and taken care of...

I have moved many times over the years in various states as my job shuffles me around often. The experience I had with All My Sons was aces. From my first contact with them till the move was finished I really felt comfortable and taken care of. I originally spoke with Kevin who was very helpful and really seemed to understand my situation and worked with me since there was a little more to it than a standard move. Some of the other companies I spoke with didn't seem to want to work with me. I also received a call from Art, who said to be the operations manager to welcome me to their "family", which I thought was a nice touch being in the customer service industry myself.

The men arrived on time and were very professional and hard working. I believe their names were Patrick and Monce. They took exceptional care of my furniture and were very courteous as well. During the move I also received a phone call from Art to ensure the move was going well, (again, nice touch), and I assured him it was. Their was no suprises at the time of payment, which in my vast moving experiences, was a nice change.

In closing, I would highly recommend All My Sons for any future move I have, or any of my family and friends. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

These guys were terrific!

We moved from a 2 bdrm house to another 2 bdrm house within Charlottesville on one of the hottest days in July. These guys were terrific! They made extra effort to get things up some crazy stairs. Even with the heat, they moved quickly and didn't take extra breaks. Of course, I made sure we had plenty of bottled water for them. But they didn't even leave the bottles laying around, they took their trash with them which really suprised us. Orlando, Phoott and George were very professional and courteous. The quote was right on and dealing with the office staff was very pleasant, no problems there. If we ever need to move again, I will certainly call on All My Sons in Richmond without hesitation.

I would definitely recommend this company for their excellent service...

I just used All My Sons upon the recommendation of my new apartment complex manager (I was moving a short distance from one complex to another). I can't comment as to pricing, as I didn't do any comparison shopping, although I think the cost of my move was reasonable. I was impressed with the service, however. The company, and the moving team kept me well-informed as to the time of their arrival, and they arrived when they said they would. The two men on the team were very friendly, helpful and obviously knew what they were doing. They were quick and efficient, yet handled all of my furniture with the utmost care. Nothing was damaged. They completed the move well within the time frame I was expecting, and didn't leave until they knew I was satisfied. I would definitely recommend this company for their excellent service.

I would hire this company again...

This company was available last minute after a change in plans caused us to not go with another company. They moved us from AZ to CA and were pretty reasonable about the cost. Their online estimates were accurate.

The hourly rate is $109/hr. for travel and loading. If you exceed 8 hours loading, you are charged time and a half. (Roughly $163 an hour). I suggest you pack your boxes and pack them well. They were a bit rough going down the stairs with the dolly, but otherwise they were careful to wrap and prepare all hardwood and other furniture items for transport. I helped the movers to expedite the process, which I also would recommend.

The only complaint that I have about this company is that when my wife contacted them initially, the office employee told us that we would have same day delivery on Saturday and that the drivers would show up between 7:30 and 9 AM. As it turned out, the drivers didn't arrive until approximately 11 AM. They actually got there at 11:06 and had the start time at 11. It all worked out any way, so I can't complain, but I would keep an eye on it. After they arrived and we loaded the boxes and furniture for 2.5 hours the driver told me he wasn't sure he would even leave on the same day. If I wasn't going to get my stuff the same day, I at least wanted it first thing the next day. I called the office and they reassured me that it would be there 10 AM the next day (a Sunday) and it was.

Like I said that was my only complaint. Dennis seemed very professional and courteous and both movers, Dennis and Pat took care of items while they were carrying and carried themselves in a professional manner. I would hire this company again based on the fact that they were upfront about the cost, once they arrived, they made clear what I would be charged.

I'd hire them again for my next move...

Everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful. The movers were great and took good care of my belongings. It ended up only taking an hour to move me into my new apartment only a block away, but I had to pay for two hours (there is a two hour minimum). I knew that beforehand, though, so it's no big deal. I'd hire them again for my next move.

Our experience with All My Sons was great...

From the first point of contact, our experience with All My Sons was great. William took great care to ensure I was happy and comfortable in the initial call. The guys showed up on time and worked hard all day. The move took longer than expected, but we knew they were giving the job 100%. They treated our things with respect and were very friendly -- for that we are very grateful. (We recently had a not-so-awesome experience with our initial move to Jacksonville and the guys that were hired for that move by the relocation company. We found and hired All My Sons for a local move -5 miles)

These guys were quick, effective, efficient, and on the money...

After shopping around with various moving companies, I decided to utilize All My Sons Movers. I was impressed with their attention to detail, accuracy in estimation, and professionalism among their various staff members. I was even more impressed with the actual movers. These guys were quick, effective, efficient, and on the money! I was impressed, which takes a lot. They even honored a few last minute, short-term requests. That's great service.
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